Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

A. Academic Achievement

Students will demonstrate academic proficiency according to their ability levels. All students will:

  • acquire and employ, through discipline and practice, the knowledge, procedures and skills required for college work or professional training.
  • improve their intellectual ability through the consistent study and expression of ideas.

B. Social Skills/Communication

Students will demonstrate appropriate social skills and be able to communicate effectively. All students will:

  • analyze and understand the use of language in all areas of endeavor and employ effective strategies for improvement in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • compete and cooperate constructively in work and play.
  • consider their roles and responsibilities in communal life and contribute to their community through leadership, cooperation and service.
  • understand and make appropriate emotional responses and deal maturely with the responses of other people.

C. Intrapersonal

Students will demonstrate the ability to design and implement strategies to solve various problems and to establish and pursue goals, both personal and professional. All students will:

  • set goals for their own learning; pursue them confidently, and take pride in their accomplishments.
  • develop a healthy life-style through recreation and physical fitness.
  • participate in a multi-disciplined approach to the fine and performing arts, emphasizing creative problem solving and imagination.
  • take responsibility for their actions and for the decisions that they make, and understand how these actions and decisions affect the community and the world around them.
  • value ethical behavior and reason from moral principles as they make their own decisions and evaluate decisions made by others.
  • seek, identify and – using individual as well as community resources – resolve problems in the social and natural environment.
  • understand their personalities and special interests and utilize that knowledge to set future educational, career and personal goals.

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