Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

1. What grades do you serve?

After the 2015-16 school year, Winston will only accept 5th-12th graders.

2. What is your student/teacher ratio?

Approximately 8-1.

3. How many of your students go on to college?

Typically, all of our seniors apply to college and all get accepted to at least one they applied to. Some apply and attend art or trade schools also. Approximately 95% of Winston’s graduates over the last five years have been accepted to and attended at least a two year program.

4. Are your teachers credentialed?

Yes, all our lead teachers are credentialed. Many classrooms have an additional teacher’s assistant.

5. How long have you been in business?

Winston opened in 1988.

6. What is the teacher turnover each year?

The average tenure of our current faculty is about 8 years. On average, one or two teachers a year may decide to leave.

7. How long does a student usually attend Winston?

Length of stay at Winston depends on what grade a student begins and what the goals of the family are.

8. Do you help with transitions?

Yes either through the IEP process or meeting with families we help to transition students to their home school, another NPS or college. Winston also offers a Transition Program for students after graduation on fee for service basis. Students who graduate from Winston have extensive assistance applying for college from our very experienced college advisor.

9. How do you handle behavior problems?

Normally we find that behavior problems have arisen because of a student’s frustration in environments where he or she could not succeed. As time goes on at Winston and students learn new strategies, behavior quickly improves. Most behavior problems can be handled by the classroom teacher. When this doesn’t succeed, students are removed from the situation and counseled by one of our administrators or counselors. Parents are brought in when necessary or contacted by the Dean of Students for further discussion.

10. What would cause you to tell a family their student is not accepted?

All students must visit for at least 2 days prior to being accepted. We provide them with a student host. Students who are not cooperative or seem unlikely to function successfully in a Winston classroom are not admitted.

11. Do you accept students with behavior problems?

Students whose behavior is the only reason they are not learning and won’t do their school work don’t fit the profile of our students and probably wouldn’t be successful here. Students who have acted out because of an inappropriate learning environment change their behavior after they get comfortable at Winston.

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