Head of School Update

Dear Winston Friends,

I’m sure you’ve noticed the amazing changes we’ve made both outside and inside the classrooms at Winston this year — new gardens, bright blue Winston benches, lunch seating, lockers and lighting. Even the teachers’ lounge got a makeover. But we are definitely not done — more exciting changes are on the way, including new paint this August.

Winston Campus Beautification Program

Many thanks to Solana Beach Presbyterian Church volunteers for the massive cleanup along 9th Street. We cut back bushes, trimmed up trees and weeded overgrown gardens. Spring means more gardens and flowers on campus as well. Several members of our Board of Directors have personally spearheaded this program and continue to implement new ideas. You may even find one digging in the dirt to plant flowers!

Upgrading Facilities to Support our Programs

Although our campus looks much more beautiful now and is improving weekly, most of the upgrades we are planning and funding are directly related to improving our educational offerings. Two of our key programs — counseling and the computer lab — are getting new homes and major overhauls.

  • Counseling: The vast majority of our students participate in our outstanding counseling program. Our counseling program is designed to address the individual needs of our students, and we are finding that students benefit greatly from what we offer. We don’t think any other school provides this service as well as we do. As a result, a new counseling bungalow is being designed, and permits are being pulled from the City, which will upgrade our space starting in August.
  • Computer Lab: We are building a new, state-of-the-art multimedia digital arts lab and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Because Winston is a school that truly understands the importance of an arts education for our students, we are investing in this area, putting time, effort and funds to develop a leading edge media center. Your students will love it. It is also scheduled to launch in August.

In terms of infrastructure, an upgraded computer network is being built, and furniture is being designed.

With respect to curriculum improvements, our staff is considering many upgraded offerings for your students including instruction in Adobe Creative Suite, sound studio and editing lab, and virtual & augmented reality. We will move to a larger space so we can add a green screen for video productions, animation and CGI. Work has just started on this major initiative and we are seeking additional donations to bring it to fruition. For a list of specific donation requests, please contact me. We are hoping to launch in August, depending on fundraising.

  • PE Equipment: Heavy rains and flooding ruined most of our equipment. Thanks to generous Winston family donations the physical education equipment has been upgraded and is slowly coming in. New basketball jerseys and softball equipment has been ordered for our school teams.

Winston Pride! Developing a new image and school pride is in full swing. Winston Wednesdays, which occur the third Wednesday of every month, is taking root. More tee-shirts, beanies and Winston hats with our bright new logo will be available soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm. See you all at the Festival of the Arts student showcase on May 20th from 2-5 pm.


Head of School

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