Lower School

Lower school at The Winston School is designed to be a place where students have the opportunity to thrive. This elementary class is composed of 4th through 6th grade students in a small, quiet, and creative environment. Housed in a newly renovated space, the multi-grade program is designed to insure each student’s progress in a standards-based curriculum that provides accommodations or modifications appropriate for student success. After the 2015-16 school year, Winston will only accept 5th graders and up.





Students with learning differences are taught using kinesthetic, spatial, and logical/sequential techniques in order to help them gain not only knowledge but also a growing understanding of how they learn, process information, and remember. Members of the class enjoy meeting in a social skills group each week and may receive speech and language support and occupational therapy in the classroom. Students are supported and encouraged to become responsible and capable learners and members of their school and home community.

The Lower School classroom is carefully structured, creating consistency and security for each student. The elementary day includes a language arts block in the morning, art or computers, P.E., lunch together, a fine arts component, mathematics, science, and social studies. The students learn how to find ways around difficult learning obstacles, change their attitude about themselves and school, and create interesting shortcuts and memory tricks for daunting work. This approach gives each student an opportunity to taste success by achieving what was once too difficult to approach. Although the students are part of a larger school that includes grades seven through 12, the elementary environment is largely protected to allow the students to flourish.

The Winston School of San Diego is a registered 501(c)(3)