The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is designed to raise money for the annual operating budget. This enables the Winston School to provide students with the educational resources and tools needed to succeed; to provide financial aid to those who need it; and to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of educating each student.

Dear Friends,

We’ve never been more excited to start our Annual Fund drive. That’s because remarkable things are happening at Winston and we need your help to keep the momentum. The attached file and prior email blasts shared some of the improvements we’ve already been making on campus. They range from art desks to shiny new lockers.

While these items represent needed improvements to our school, the administrative team has been working on the more fundamental task of identifying projects that will impact the classroom to make learning more effective for our students. This year we’ve identified specific items that will help us achieve this goal and have detailed them in the attached file. They include collaborative furniture, a larger computer lab and classroom libraries. Please consider a donation so you can share in our dream.

The reasons students come to Winston are as varied as the students themselves, but they all have something in common; they don’t give up and they excel in the warm and supportive Winston community.

We won’t give up on them either. Make a donation by credit or debit card or drop a check in the mail or at the office made out to The Winston School. Thank you for your support.

Other Ways to Give

While the attached file highlights the goals for our Annual Fund, there are countless ways for your contribution to make a real difference at Winston. Our school community needs money as well as goods and services. For example, last year a family donated twenty computers that were being replaced at their office. See all those great landscaping improvements? A current family donated the labor from their construction business. There are a lot of ways you may be able to help. Come on in and talk to Dena Harris about them and don’t forget to ask about matching grants at your place of employment.

The students and staff at Winston sincerely appreciate your consideration and support.

Best regards,

Dena Harris
Head of School
The Winston School

The Winston School of San Diego is a registered 501(c)(3)