Why Give?

The Winston School changes kids’ lives – and often saves them. We help to create a world where each individual can contribute great things instead of feeling they are doomed to failure.

The cost of educating a student is far greater than the price of tuition.  You can help us fill that gap and make a difference in a young student’s life.

With your help…

  • …a student who can’t afford tuition, but would benefit from our unique program can receive a scholarship.
  • …we can purchase technology that gives students access to information, to help them learn in their own way. We can build a new and secure school that will help us serve our students for generations to come.
  • …we can give these students the chance to become the students no one ever thought they could be.Thank you for investing in the bright future of our children.

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The Winston School of San Diego is a registered 501(c)(3)