Why Winston?

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  • Because you think your child’s school focuses more on what he can’t do than what he can
  • Because you’re fighting with your child at home over getting homework done
  • Because problems at school are becoming problems at home
  • Because the environment in your school allows for teasing and bullying
  • Because your child is falling behind
  • Because your school or your child’s teacher seems to be losing hope
  • Because high school graduation seems a fading dream

How is The Winston School different?

  • Winston offers hope to students and families who have experienced disappointment, frustration and failure in previous school settings.
  • Winston is a caring, calming community where students with diverse abilities and challenges come together to focus on success.
  • Winston is a joyful, warm place where students can enjoy being at school, making friends, being creative, and feel the weight of failure lifted off their shoulders.
  • Winston is a flexible school which tries to make the classroom and curriculum fit the student, not fit the student to the classroom.
  • Winston expects students to significantly improve and take on increasingly greater challenges as their resilience, self-confidence and vision for their future success grows.

The Winston School of San Diego is a registered 501(c)(3)