Winston 2014-2015 Family Directory

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, the parent group would like to see a family directory go out each year. We have heard that this directory helped students and families get in touch with each other, other parents and Winston Staff. You may choose to provide as much or as little information as you are comfortable with. If you were included in last year’s directory, please indicate any changes or updates to the information you provided at that time. If you are new to Winston and want to be included, please provide the information you wish to have included. We would like to publish these as early in the school year as possible in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the information, so please return this form with your school packet. Late returns may not be included in the directory. No information will be provided to outside the Winston arena and there will be a note indicating that no one is to use the directory for any form of marketing.

Thank you for your participation.

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